Process Cost Optimisation
The Rise of Intelligent Business Process Automation

What Are The Ongoing Challenges?

As a CEO, CTO, CIO or CFO you are constantly being challenged to lower costs while at the same time having to:

  • Reduce business risk
  • Improve customer satisfaction
  • Improve quality
  • Enhance process consistency
  • Maintain security
  • Simplify operations
  • Ensure compliance

When looking for cost efficiencies, our natural instinct is to target the low hanging fruit, implementing what turn out to be tactical changes that don’t address the wider ask, analysing:

  • Resource utilisation
  • Supply chain optimisation
  • Licencing utilisation & associated costs
  • Employee expenses

In order to increase revenues while reducing cost, you may also look at increasing your professional services & licencing fee structures to your clients.

These are all great initiatives & would normally yield fruit in relation to cost efficiencies, but in today’s continuously evolving digital world, they are deemed tactical solutions, akin to putting a band aid on a wound that is increasing continually in size.

To address the wider ask you need to look at sustainable, expedient ways to increase business performance while continuously streamlining & reducing costs utilising technology to accelerate your business process cost optimisation initiatives.

Formulating Your Optimisation Methodology


  • Document drivers, goals & key factors
  • Identify risks & constraints
  • Review core processes & perform as-is analysis
  • Identify process metrics / controls
  • Prepare for change


  • Design your to be process structure
  • Clearly define roles & responsibilities
  • Develop training plan & programmes
  • Design & / or improve processes
  • Develop key metrics
  • Develop a communication plan
  • Develop control & incentive systems


  • Coordinate change utilising feedback processes to assess Business Continuity Management effectiveness
  • Implement training & work processes
  • Implement controls & incentives
  • Perform leadership assessment & development
  • Conduct team building


  • Conduct post change assessments at agreed intervals
  • Develop a framework for continuous improvement
  • Provide additional training as needed
  • Update intranet portals / lessons learned
  • Coordinate succession planning


The Usual Cost Optimisation Suspects  

Whilst we can enable our clients in attaining their cost optimisation goals in relation to all of the areas denoted above, in this article, we are focusing on process cost optimisation, so in this instance, intelligent business process automation is the key.

How do SQA Consulting Enable Process Cost Optimisation?

Applying Intelligent Business Process Automation

Our tool agnostic Intelligent Business Process Automation & Robotic Process Automation solutions enable our clients to:

  • Lower their long term operational costs
  • Improve quality
  • Enable process consistency
  • Protect security
  • Simplify operational processes
  • Ensure compliance whilst increasing resource productivity

Although the list of use cases is endless, our experience includes but has not been limited to: 

 Why Are Organisations Sceptical?

Tooling Selection:

  • SQA Consulting have independently reviewed the leading & emerging Robotic Process Automation tools undertaking capability, cost, scalability & use case comparisons
  • We are both vendor & tooling agnostic

Speed of Development:

  • We have pre-built libraries
  • There are developer ecosystems that include free as well as paid app market listings, these are quality & security checked by vendors

Associated Tooling Costs:

  • Intelligent Business Process Automation & Robotic Process Automation licencing models have radically changed with fully functional trial licences
  • Guided learning experiences
  • Low monthly costs
  • Capped scaled costs

Many organisations have had failed attempts attaining successful implementations, this could be due to a number of reasons, examples include:

  • Incorrectly advised in relation to tooling selection
  • Non subject matter expert implementation
  • No post-implementation support

SQA Consulting can deliver Intelligent Business Process Automation & Robotic Process Automation solutions at fixed or capped cost, we recognise our clients have a desired return on investment & ensure that we deliver measurable repeatable maintainable solutions.

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