Intelligent automation platform assessments

intelligent Automation platform assessments

As part of our Intelligent Automation research agenda, we perform capability assessment studies into some of the key vendor platform offerings. Our research outcomes are aimed at benefiting both the consumers & the producers in this market.

By applying our Innovation Radar Framework to the Intelligent Automation problem space, we derive four Intelligent Automation categories that align with the four innovation zones in the framework:

  • Task based automation
  • Process based automation
  • Knowledge based automation
  • Value based automation

The figure below provides a summary of the Intelligent Automation solution space, grouped into the four automation categories.

The real potential of Intelligent Automation lies in combining the automation efforts made within the Task, Process, Knowledge, & Value based automation categories by taking an integrated approach.

Many major Intelligent Automation platform vendors whose offerings closely align with the capabilities defined in these four automation categories are included in our ongoing research series.

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Our technology platform assessments help organisations make the right implementation choices for Intelligent Automation & Low-code adoption.



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