SQA Consulting Launches KYC Data Quality Benchmark

SQA Consulting are proud to announce the arrival of their Data Quality Index. This benchmark shows the level of completeness and format accuracy of KYC Data used in customer screening.

Good KYC data has always been essential to screening operations, but the advent of more machine elimination of alerts means that the availability of good quality secondary identifiers (Date of Birth, Nationality, Address, National ID Number, Passport, Company Registration Number, Country of Registration) feeds even more into the efficiency and effectiveness of investigation operations.

The Data Quality Index measures the quality of the primary identifiers (personal name and company name) and the secondary identifiers. This is measured against the size of the KYC data, we recognise that if you have millions of legacy customer records then maintaining high levels of data quality will be a difficult task.


Your data is key to most business processes, to customer screening it is the be all and end all.

Without understanding your data, you can never be sure that screening systems are protecting your business interests. By participating in our Data Quality Index benchmark you can find out how your data compares to others, and what you need to do to get yourself to a position of strength.

Don’t wait until your regulator tells you that you should have data controls, contact us now to get the ball rolling, you will be surprised to hear how little impact and cost is involved in a data quality review.

SQA Consulting has a long history in performing data quality reviews for financial institutions concerned with the impact of data on screening. We have developed a specialist tool to perform this operation: the SQA Data Profiler.

The SQA Data Profiler is a high performance tool engineered to seek out data quality issues that could exploit vulnerabilities within your screening systems. Used in conjunction with our screening assessment process it can be used to perform a complete risk assessment on your screening process.

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