Automation Landscape – The Rise of Low Code Cloud Platforms

Expanding further on our previous article on Automation landscape, in this instalment, we will reflect upon the level of coding involved in Digital operations implementation projects, for some of the key automation technologies as introduced in the previous article. As many of these technology platforms now employ cloud computing as their primary delivery model to lower adoption costs, […]

Automation Landscape – Software Robotics as an Architectural Innovation

Continuing our analysis of the Automation landscape and different automation technologies through the lens of innovation, we will be using a different Innovation framework to analyse expand on the much-debated subject. Feel free to refer to Innovation framework an article published by our head of RPA Deepak Sharma in 2019 that addresses the subject in […]

An Introduction to the Automation Landscape & 2020 Trends

Have you come across the term “Hyperautomation” in 2020? Gartner introduced the locution last year as one of the strategic 2020 technology trends. Conceptually it is nothing but to say that automation needs a more integrated approach to implementation from a technology perspective. It is not a single technology, but a combination of automation tools […]