SQA’s AML Division Services Over 40 Different Clients in the Same Calendar Year.

Eliminator consistently closes over 90% of matches from primary screening systems, this third-generation tooling introduces real-time alert disposition decreasing customer on-boarding time and enhancing customer experience for financial institutions. The Eliminator not only replaces most of the level 1 investigation, but also replaces some of the typical level 2 investigation protocol; both releasing existing manual […]

SQA Consulting Welcomes it 40th AML Customer.

Part of the value of SQA Consulting’s AML division is the breadth of knowledge across the industry gained from working with a diverse finance related customer base. Working with 40 different brands all around the world is a privilege and an honour, and we look forward to the 41st as much as the 1st. #sanctions […]

Global Insurance Company engages SQA Consulting to Transform their QA & Software Engineering Divisions

SQA Consulting have transformed the software engineering capability of countless global organisations, so when this world-renowned Speciality Insurance company reached out for support, we were able to assure them that we could enable the transformation within 12 months following a Discover Define & Deliver Methodology, this would ensure the transformation changes were digestible & measurable […]