Top 3 Infamous Security Breaches of 2021

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As the end of 2021 and the start of a new year comes into sight, now is the perfect time to reflect upon how businesses have fared with their cyber security and how they have handled a security breach. It has been much reported, that this year has brought new challenges to businesses in the […]

Maintaining Cyber Security when transitioning to a remote workforce

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As organisations learn to adapt to the new normal, more of them are turning to remote working as a long-term solution to their daily operations.  Businesses all over the world have begun to see the raft of benefits of remote working; from the financial benefits of saving money on an office, and the mental benefits […]

Ransomware – Canary Tokens

We thought we would round off our series on Ransomware with something a little more off-piste and discuss an opensource product called CanaryTokens.  This novel technology provides an interesting capability and is great for encouraging unconventional thinking in the infosec space.  To begin, let’s break down the premise of this product. What are CanaryTokens?  CanaryTokens […]

SQA Consulting Attains Cyber Essentials Plus Accreditation

Treatment and management of our client’s data is extremely important to us, and as part of our ongoing commitment to cybersecurity, we are very pleased to announce that SQA Consulting has achieved certification to the UK government’s Cyber Essentials Plus scheme.  The NCSC Cyber Essentials scheme defines a baseline standard of security for businesses in […]