How Did SQA Consulting Perform in 2022?

It has been a busy year for SQA Consulting, new clients, company expansion underpinned by our Buy to Build strategy.  So what were the outcomes: SQA Consulting SEE is now a wholly owned subsidiary & part of the SQA Consulting Group Following a two year two-million-pound investment to enhance our newly acquired employees, uplift the […]

SQA Consulting Acquires 100% of SQA Consulting SEE

Following on from our successful joint venture with ABC Tech Group, SQA Consulting acquired ABC Tech Groups 50% stake in the joint venture making SQA Consulting SEE a 100% subsidiary within the SQA Consulting Group. Building on our continuously increasing workforce, SQA Consulting will now concentrate on: Increasing competitiveness   Increasing our market share Attracting […]