Performance Risk Assessment – Risk Mitigation

Risk of a system or an application failing when released can be mitigated by properly testing it before launch and there are various strategies which this article looks at that can be employed to achieve this. It should be noted that there are risk factors that are present in testing that should be mitigated so […]

A High-Level Insight into Performance Monitoring

Performance monitoring is important during the performance testing phase as well as after deployment. During testing it is imperative to know how the infrastructure and application has behaved beyond just the response time statistics collected by the performance testing tool; this will give a more informed view of expected behaviour post-deployment. Monitoring can be set […]

Key Performance Metrics

When it comes to performance testing, it is important to collect the right metrics to determine if the system is going to perform in the correct environment. In this article we will be exploring which are the key performance metrics to collect. Response Time: This metric calculates the total time between the sending of the […]