Key Steps Involved in Creating/Developing a Performance Test Script  

During the preparation phase of a performance testing project, several key steps need to be performed when creating/developing the performance test scripts. This article describes the key steps that are involved during the performance script development.   Firstly, make sure the business use case process for the identified script is correct and functionally works. Check […]

Creating a Detailed Performance Test Schedule

During the preparation phase of a performance testing project, it is important to provide a test schedule (normally a Microsoft project plan) to highlight the key tasks, the resource(s) tasked and their duration. This article details the key tasks that should be planned for in the Performance test schedule. These tasks can be sub-divided into […]

Performance Testing – Report Visualisations

In this article, we will be exploring the various outputs of a typical report using the JMeter performance test tool and how it helps in understanding the performance of an application. It is not an exhaustive list but some of the more useful visualisations are included. In a previous article Performance testing – Statistics we […]

Test More Efficiently when Using Real Data

There comes a time during most project testing when it is decided to process a copy of live data through the test system to see how the system functions with real data. Typically, this testing occurs at the end of functional testing, when the system is believed to be functioning as designed. This is not […]

Performance Testing – Script Guidelines

In this article, we explore the process of creating a performance test script and the standards they should adhere to so they are easy to maintain, the test results are better understood and they are easy to follow. The following are the main steps of the process. Application Protocol Identification Recording Script Enhancement Script Replay […]

Performance Testing – Statistics

After a performance test has been executed it is important to communicate the results in a manner that is understood by the stakeholders. Performance test reports contain statistical response time information that can be misinterpreted by stakeholders due to pre-conceived ideas of what the terms mean, leading to false conclusions and inappropriate decisions. In rare […]