How Did SQA Consulting Perform in 2022?

It has been a busy year for SQA Consulting, new clients, company expansion underpinned by our Buy to Build strategy.  So what were the outcomes: SQA Consulting SEE is now a wholly owned subsidiary & part of the SQA Consulting Group Following a two year two-million-pound investment to enhance our newly acquired employees, uplift the […]

Product Backlog Challenges

Ask product backlog users if the backlog works for them & you will invariably receive mixed responses. This is because there is often little uniformity in the way that organisations & users adopt & adapt the backlog.  Significant elements of the process are sometimes omitted because they are deemed too difficult to implement. In addition, […]

A Brief Overview of Performance Code Profiling – Part 2

Following on from the article A Brief Overview of Performance Code Profiling, other methods that can be used in the development process to improve the performance of code are Web service /API testing using virtualisation. Unit testing. This article will explain the above types of testing from a performance point of view. Over the last few […]

A Brief Overview of Performance Code Profiling

One method used in the development process to improve the performance of code is called ‘performance code profiling’, this article will attempt to explain the types and the data collection methods of profiling available in Visual Studio.    What is Performance Code Profiling? Performance code profiling is used by developers to help identify and analyse […]

DevOps Performance Engineering

It is essential in a DevOps organisation that performance engineering becomes embedded within the processes. This article attempts to identify the core components of a performance engineering approach in a DevOps environment. What is DevOps? According to Atlassian “DevOps is a set of practices that works to automate and integrate the processes between software development and […]

Building & Creating a Performance Scenario within Loadrunner’s Controller

During the preparation phase of a performance testing project and once you’ve developed all the performance scripts, refer to our article Key Steps involved in creating/developing a Performance Test Script you will then need to build and create Performance scenarios.  This will be based on the performance modelling you’ve performed refer to our article Performance Modelling – […]