SQA Transaction Monitoring Related Articles

We have been bringing you a series of articles related to transaction monitoring, here is a handy index to help you browse through our back-catalogue of material. Transaction Monitoring Assurance Automated TM – Considerations for system implementation Automated TM – Rule Development Life Cycle Automated TM – Considerations for Rule Development and Tuning / Threshold […]

Transaction Monitoring Case Management & System Usability

While the rules engine will be the brains of the Transaction Monitoring (TM) operation, the case management system should provide a practical, user-friendly solution.  It is likely to be a high volume, high-pressure environment for the investigators with service level agreements and tight delivery schedules so having a case management system that is efficient and […]

Automated Transaction Monitoring – Management Information & Statistics

Investing in robust and reliable MI to support the TM strategy can often be considered a low priority or even be de-prioritised due to other challenges faced during an automated TM implementation. To fully realise the benefits of your investment in your TM framework, MI is something that should be given due consideration and a […]

Automated Transaction Monitoring – Rule Development Life Cycle

Having a fully documented standardised approach to rule development within your organisation is important for several reasons including: Ensuring a consistent quality in the rules that are being delivered Providing a full audit trail of the development cycle Providing further confidence in the TM programme Ensuring the process will stand up to audit and regulatory scrutiny, […]

Money Laundering is Hot!

Wherever you look these days, financial crime and corruption is in the public eye. The entertainment world has latched on to public interest fuelled by high-profile exposés, including the Panama Papers and stories of money laundering and drug trafficking by the likes of Joaquín “El Chapo” Guzmán, who was sentenced to life in prison in July 2018. ​ A […]