Performance Testing Dependencies

A dependency is something you rely upon to achieve an objective or a goal, but that is not under your control. This article will highlight the types of dependencies you may come across when performance testing and list our other resources to help in getting you up to speed and comfortable with the best practices […]

Measuring End User Experience – A Brief Overview

In this article, we take a brief look at measuring the end user experience. When it comes to keeping customer satisfaction rates high it is vital that the right tools for measuring customer experience are adopted. The end user experience is increasingly important as it can directly affect the bottom line of a business. Customer […]

Monitoring Networks

Monitoring Networks

During Performance Testing, the monitoring of your network is important as it could potentially uncover any bottlenecks within the network. Refer to our article A High-Level Insight into Performance Monitoring. In this article we shall look at some of the most common utilities/methods to monitor networks: Ping Traceroute/Tracert Netstat Webtrace (part of Loadrunner)   Internet […]

A Comparative Look at Performance Tools – Index

We have been bringing you a weekly series of short articles comparing the various different testing tools available, here is a handy index to help you browse through our back-catalogue of material. A Comparative Look At Performance Test Tools – JMeter V NeoLoad A Comparative Look At Performance Test Tools – LoadRunner V Silk Performer […]

Performance Testing Framework

Shift Left Testing In this final instalment of the ‘Performance Testing Framework’ series, we explore ‘shift left’ testing. This is simply carrying out testing to the left of the normal position it is carried out, for example, testing earlier in the Software Delivery Life Cycle (SDLC). One of the main reasons to do this is […]

The Top 5 Challenges when Migrating Automation Framework to Service an Alternate Platform

The top 5 challenges that you’re likely to face when migrating an automation framework to service a different platform are: – Language and Syntax differences. When converting from one framework to another for example, one line in one language may convert to 3 lines in another. Implementation/Deployment differences. When deploying a framework to another platform […]