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Eradicate duplication of effort, increased coverage, increased repeatability, comprehensive reporting, faster execution, increased quality & reduced costs

Historically QA departments have used different teams, skillsets & tooling to automate testing across the SDLC. 

This often results in duplication of effort; the same user journey captured via different tools in order to validate different phases of testing.

Heavy emphasis is often placed on the tooling & associated languages, rather than the realisation of benefit. This leads to higher tooling resource demand & an onerous maintenance burden for automation scripts (user interface; API, performance & security).

The objective of the SQA Talos platform is to allow SQA clients to quickly realise the benefits of test automation across the entire SDLC, whilst significantly reducing the burden of maintenance & hence, the total cost of test ownership.

Our platform employs a uniform industry standard script creation mechanism, which is used across the entire SDLC. Emphasis is placed on test coverage & test reuse as scripting is abstracted from automation programming & tooling.

Further test script execution is abstracted from tool drivers & the approach greatly simplifies the automation programming requirements & costs. Test script reuse extends from functional through API to performance & security test.

In the case of performance tests, functional scripts are converted to virtual headless automated performance tests using a simple, seamless process. This allows execution via open source & commercial test & validation tools.

For security test, the application under test is instrumented at runtime with the likes of SonarQube, Ansible, Zap & Contrast, which allows all automated tests to become security tests, providing an automated vulnerability self-assessment (real-time static, interactive, dynamic, software composition & configuration analysis).     

Because the Talos design abstracts scripting from programming & tooling, it can support test automation across the SDLC for any IT delivery paradigm (Agile, DevOps & Legacy).


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A single source automation solution irrespective of your application, interface & SDLC phase.  Functional, performance & security with no duplication of effort.




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