Change is inevitable. Business transformation, change requests, system upgrades, cloud migration, digitisation, production defects, systems replacement, shared service, service centralisation, process uniformity, acquisition, & increased ROI. Companies that avoid, or don’t embrace change, will not succeed in their short, medium & long term objectives

SQA Consulting is a transformation specialist, helping those who partner with us to adopt a safer long-term strategy for managing the ever-increasing pace of change.
We have led the transformation for countless companies, managing inflight projects & upskilling resources, whilst refining the ways of working to achieve our client’s targeted outcomes.

Our solutions target people, processes & tooling & are heavily underpinned by automation, the ROI is simple to measure.

We enable our clients to make informed decisions by providing them with a complete insight into the true risk, financial investment & profitability of any technology change.


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We help businesses achieve their future state commercial & technology goals.



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