Unlocking Agile Success

Becoming Agile isn't just about changing titles; it's a holistic transformation that requires commitment, mindset shift, & organisational alignment. At SQA Consulting, we understand the complexities involved in Agile enablement & provide comprehensive solutions to overcome common challenges.

Understanding Common Client Challenges

Our clients often face several hurdles on their Agile journey:



  • Stakeholders lack access to critical information for informed decision-making, leading to increased costs & project overruns.



  • Inconsistent practices & lack of training result in failed deliverables & increased costs.



  • Inability to measure coverage, quality, & true cost due to multiple tools & lack of integration, fostering legacy technical debt.



  • Misconfigured CI/CD pipelines & underutilised automation lead to poor quality deliverables & increased costs.



  • Lack of integration & real-time reporting result in unauthorised deployments & increased costs.


Capacity & Financial Management

  • Inefficient resource allocation and process deviations result in misleading capacity utilisation & misdirected financial investments.


Our Solution Benefits

  • We offer tailored solutions to address these challenges & drive Agile success:


Comprehensive Design

  • From documentation to data models, we ensure robust design practices for effective Agile implementation.


Training & Mentoring

  • We provide training, certification, & ongoing support to empower teams & foster a culture of agility.


Automated Workflow

  • Streamlined processes from ideation to product backlog, enabling efficient capacity management & financial modelling.


Integrated Tooling

  • Bespoke tooling integration & real-time reporting for enhanced decision-making & accountability.


Unified Processes

  • Consistent practices across design, build, test, & deployment for increased efficiency & quality.


Automated Testing

  • CI/CD pipeline automation, automated code coverage, & security vulnerability detection for repeatability & reliability.


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We bridge the gap between business & technology, facilitating a smooth transition to Agile, enabling continuous change whilst shaping your organisational journey



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