There is more to becoming Agile than changing people’s titles

Agile requires commitment, time, attention, training & longer-term, certification, but above all else a change in mindset. It’s about doing less more often, deploying in increments. Furthermore, it is a complete change to a company’s target operating model. The transition requires stakeholder & fiscal support, the rewards associated with successful transition can be enormous. 

Common client challenges:


  • Invariably stakeholders & management don’t always have access to the right types & detail of information to support decision making. This leads to uninformed decision-making, increased costs, reduced quality & project overruns


  • Resources are retitled but not retrained, there is no uniformity in the way people working leading to increased sprint deliverables, failed deliverables & increased costs


  • Multiple tooling & lack of integration & real-time reporting result in an inability to measure coverage, quality & the true cost of what is being delivered & risks associated with what has not been tested. This becomes a breeding ground for legacy technical debt


  • CI/CD pipelines are not correctly configured, not utilising automation correctly & not incorporating IAST, DAST & SAST into the build, this results in legacy technical debt, poor quality deliverables & increased costs


  • Sprint constraints, lack of automation & traceability result in poor quality deliverables as alleged risk-based approaches are adopted without understanding the true risks & decision impacts


  • A lack of integration & real-time reporting compounded with time constraints, confusion over accountability & process result in unauthorised deployments & increased costs

Capacity & financial management

  • Not being able to track resource allocation efficiently due to process deviation & inefficient utilisation of the adopted change managing tooling result in misleading capacity utilisation & misdirected financial investment

Our solution benefits:

  • Design documentation
  • Business & logical data models
  • Requirements design, epics, features & user stories
  • Code design
  • Test design
  • Legacy debt identification & remediation
  • Training, certification, support & mentoring
  • Automated CRM to ideation enablement
  • Automated ideation to product backlog
  • Automated capacity management & financial modelling
  • Left to right automated release management underpinned by bespoke tooling integration & reporting
  • Bespoke tooling customisation
  • Realtime staged management information
  • Unified processes across design, build, test & deploy
  • CI/CD pipeline automated test, automated build
  • Automated code coverage, security vulnerability detection, increased automated test coverage, repeatability
  • Accountability & responsibility underpinned by automated decision & quality gating


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We bridge the gap between business & technology, enabling continuous change, supporting & shaping your transition to Agile.



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