Not only can we help you build better applications, but we can also ensure that you're fully prepared from a cloud migration, business continuity & disaster recovery perspective

Understanding the technology estate within any organisation is akin to painting the Brooklyn Bridge, just when you think you have completed the task, maintenance & enhancement require you to commence the cycle again.  

Mapping your business services & processes, your applications, their associated services & data in line with your technology infrastructure means you have half the battle won whenever you need to apply a change, plan a migration or review your business continuity & disaster recovery plans. 

Common client challenges:     

  • Maintaining documentation
  • Maintaining an accurate CMDB
  • Maintaining an accurate estate overview
  • Inconsistent approach to solution design & delivery
  • Weak quality assurance & governance within an organisation
  • Incomplete or missing reference architecture across the enterprise
  • Conflicting & /or missing business processes
  • Poor decision making across business, technology & data
  • Unpredictable service delivery

Allowing high-level designs, low-level designs, business processes & logical data models to degrade leads to uniformed decision-making when building or augmenting applications. This can result in invisible legacy technical debt, forcing us down a continued path.

Our solution benefits:  

  • Ensure a consistent & standard approach to solution design & delivery
  • Supports the delivery of consistently repeatable business processes           
  • Accelerates quality assurance processes
  • Drives adoption of data governance & ownership within an organisation.     
  • Enforces a baselined reference architecture throughout the enterprise
  • Concisely supports impact assessments rapidly for changes to business & technology
  • Underpins the target operating model & ensures governance across technology & business
  • Enables rapid risk identification & mitigation

Not only can we help you build better applications, but we can also ensure that you’re fully prepared from a cloud migration, business continuity & disaster recovery perspective.

We can reverse engineer your HLA’s & HLD’s enabling your product owners & architects to make informed decisions & we can augment/create LDM’s supporting the architecture & development teams.                                

Our business process modelling solutions provide true insight into your technical debt.

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