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Business models are used to describe & classify your technology DNA. Failure to keep these updated results in heavy reliance on oversubscribed resources, which in turn leads to inappropriate & costly technology & transformation decisions.

Business models are used to aid application enhancement, deploying modular applications, where functionality can be switched on & off.

Business models are used to enable cloud migration with minimal re-architecture, they are relied on to underpin outsourcing. Why then, do organisations let them degrade or not build them correctly in the first place?

Common client challenges:                                

  • Low quality & inconsistent service delivery
  • Unfocussed & ‘fuzzy’ business requirements          
  • Conflicting & /or missing business processes – too many workarounds
  • Unclear lines of responsibility with little or non-existent ownership of process delivery & data
  • A disconnect between business & technology
  • Inconsistent approach to requirements, solution design, quality assurance & delivery
  • Weak quality assurance & governance within an organisation
  • Incomplete or missing reference architecture across the enterprise
  • Poor decision making across business, technology & data

Our solution benefits:     

  • Provide a standards-based method to capture & document business requirements & processes
  • Offers the ability to maintain business process integrity & outcomes
  • Drive consistency & ensures end to end quality is maintained within business processes
  • Encourage & promote closer collaboration within the enterprise – Delivers insights into business needs
  • Improve quality assurance, testing & user training
  • Help to reduce project/solution delivery timelines
  • Increase the speed of solution delivery – Drives adoption of data governance & ownership
  • Support the compilation or production of standard operating procedures (SOPs), showing clear lines of responsibility & ownership


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