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We enable our clients to embrace & sustain continuous change

Change processes often result in duplicated effort, corner-cutting, cost overruns & poor-quality deliverables. The biggest challenge that our clients face, is having the right information to make informed decisions.

All programmes & projects commence with the best of intentions, however as soon as the pressure is on, corners get cut; some are based on theoretical unmodelled risk, others because the originator believes they will retrospectively address the prerequisites, which for many reasons they don’t. We often hear the phrase penny rich & pound poor, they saved time today that will cost money to resolve in the future.

Common client challenges:

  • Lack of visibility of the current pipeline & work assignments
  • Prioritisation clashes
  • Understanding the business value of the change as well as the cost to deliver it
  • Deliverable status
  • Bundling product changes to enable efficiency
  • Duplication of inputs without a single source of management information
  • Determining the required resource capacity & spikes
  • Meeting delivery timelines
  • Following processes

Our solution benefits:

Our solutions allow organisations to visualise the pipeline from sales to product; prioritise demand tied to forecasted profitability, enabling informed decisions hinged on resource capacity, tracking delivery progress & the associated costs. 

The solutions are fully automated enabling organisations to understand the true state & cost of delivery, resource requirements & determine efficiency improvements. They are underpinned with Agile training, mentoring & support addressing the cultural & technology changes concurrently.

We enable fully automated change management capability.  We integrate systems, automate workflows, provide on demand management information whilst fine tuning ways of working.  This enables businesses to adapt to & adopt processes & technology enhancements, allowing them to realise cost & quality efficiencies, while continuously improving.

Our solutions target:

  • Roles & responsibilities
  • Training, certification & mentoring
  • Requirements design & validation
  • Epics, features, user stories
  • Architecture & design.
  • Ways of working.
  • Simplified product delivery process.
  • The definition process
  • The delivery process
  • Release pipeline
  • Test definition
  • Requirements traceability management utilisation
  • Work breakdown definitions
  • Workflow changes
  • User story lifecycle workflow
  • Defect workflow
  • Agile interaction models
  • Roles, ceremonies & artefacts
  • Automated decision & quality gating
  • Automated CI/CD pipeline enablement
  • Tool & platform agnostic automated framework utilisation
  • Attaining your desired target operating model

Via the use of Kibana dashboards we provide a single dynamic management information dashboard that draws information from multiple sources denoting:

  • What is currently in the pipeline?
  • What is the state of the current deliverables?
  • Who is working on what; are they are over or under committed & what is the true cost of delivery?
  • How does the cost of delivery reconcile with the estimate & the value of the change?
  • Do you have the capacity to deliver your changes?
  • Do you need to change priorities or bundle products?
  • Where are your bottlenecks?


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We ensure our clients are not penny rich & pound poor.




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The Penny Rich Pound Poor Paradox While the initial savings may look enticing, the concealed costs of this approach begin to emerge over time. 

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