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At SQA Consulting, we empower our clients to not only embrace but also sustain continuous change with confidence clarity. We understand the challenges inherent in change processes, from duplicated efforts to cost overruns poor-quality deliverables. Our mission is to equip organisations with the right information tools to make informed decisions navigate change effectively.

Common Challenges Addressed

Our clients often face a myriad of challenges when managing change:

  • Lack of visibility into the current pipeline work assignments.

  • Clashes in prioritisation.

  • Understanding the business value of change its associated costs.

  • Uncertainty regarding deliverable statuses.

  • Duplication of inputs without centralised management information.

  • Difficulty in determining resource capacity spikes.

  • Struggles to meet delivery timelines adhere to processes.

Our Solution Benefits

Our comprehensive solutions empower organisations to visualise their pipeline from sales to product, prioritise demand based on forecasted profitability, make informed decisions aligned with resource capacity delivery progress. Key benefits include:

  • Automated insights into the true state cost of delivery, enabling efficiency improvements.

  • Agile training, mentoring, support to address cultural technological changes concurrently.

  • Fully automated change management capability, integrating systems, automating workflows, providing on-demand management information.

  • Adaptability to process technology enhancements, driving cost quality efficiencies while facilitating continuous improvement.

Target Solutions

Our solutions target various aspects of change management, including roles responsibilities, training certification, requirements design validation, more.

Dynamic Management Information

Through Kibana dashboards, we provide a single dynamic management information dashboard drawing from multiple sources, offering insights into pipeline status, deliverable states, resource allocation, cost reconciliation, bottleneck identification.


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