Elevating CI/CD Pipeline Excellence

At SQA Consulting, we recognise that not all CI/CD pipelines are created equal. That's why we're pioneers in making 'shift left' a seamless, automated reality.

Our Innovative Approach

Our CI/CD pipeline solutions are at the forefront of innovation. They assess the code’s health, identify security vulnerabilities, & provide documented solutions—all while seamlessly integrating with your preferred repository. Our tool-agnostic automation frameworks ensure a true ‘shift left’ testing experience, enabling on-demand deployments.

Addressing Common Challenges:

Clients often encounter challenges in maintaining efficient CI/CD pipelines, such as ensuring speed, security, & reliability. Our solutions tackle these issues head-on:

Speed & Security:

We optimise pipeline performance while ensuring a secure environment.

Production Parity:

Maintaining consistency between development & production environments.

Automated Regression Testing:

Ensuring comprehensive test coverage with early regression testing.

Version Control Integration:

Utilising version control for seamless change management.

Local Testing:

Running tests locally before committing to the pipeline for faster feedback.

Our Solution Benefits

By leveraging our CI/CD pipeline solutions, organisations can unlock a multitude of benefits:

Streamlined Releases:

Make releases painless, low-risk events with reduced time-to-market.

Enhanced Quality & Stability:

Increase software quality & stability with built-in quality processes.

Automated Security:

Incorporate IAST, SAST, & DAST automation at the point of commit for enhanced security.

Cost Reduction:

Reduce the cost of ongoing software development with efficient, automated processes.

Continuous Improvement:

Foster a culture of responsibility & enable continuous improvement.

Automated Release Notes:

Produce automated release notes for seamless communication.


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We equip our clients with bespoke seamlessly integrated, automated solutions for building, testing, & deploying software, complete with comprehensive IAST, SAST, & DAST automated verification & validation




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