Navigating CLOUD MIGRATION Challenges with Precision

In the realm of cloud migration, the path is rarely a simple 'lift' &'shift.' It's during this transition that hidden complexities emerge, revealing a myriad of challenges across business services, processes, APIs, & application catalogues. Decayed logical data models, data dictionaries, & configuration management databases further compound the migration journey. To embark on this transformational journey, organisations must meticulously assess what needs migration & why.

Our dedicated teams of architecture, development, & quality assurance experts conduct a thorough analysis of your infrastructure, prescribing the right migration approach tailored to your needs.

Common Client Challenges:

  • Uncertainty on where to begin

  • Resource capability constraints

  • Degraded business processes & logical data models

  • Lack of clarity on hosting costs & incentives

Our Solution Benefits:

  • Business modelling to clarify migration objectives

  • Production of comprehensive migration readiness plans

  • Transparent visibility into hosting costs and funding incentives

Migration Paths:

  • Retain: Keep services, applications, & infrastructure ‘as is.’

  • Retire: Identify and decommission unnecessary servers during migration waves.

  • Rehost: Expedite migration by moving data centres to Amazon Web Services (AWS).

  • Replatform: Utilise VMware to bypass re-platforming requirements in AWS.

  • Refactor: Preserve flexibility for post-migration refactoring tasks.

  • ReArchitect: Seamlessly restructure technology stacks to meet specific goals, like platform consolidation.


At SQA Consulting, we specialise in navigating the intricate landscape of cloud migration. Contact us to embark on your transformation journey with confidence.

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Our experts excel at ensuring your readiness for cloud migration, business continuity, & disaster recovery. Let us guide you through every step of the process.




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