It’s never as straightforward as 'lift' & 'shift'

It’s only when you are looking to migrate, that all the skeletons in the closet become visible, even if they are not presented as a collective. The currency of business service, price, business process, API & application catalogues are all challenged. These are further compounded by decayed Logical Data Models (LDM’s), data dictionaries, data registries, business glossaries, IT services catalogues & Configuration Management Data Bases (CMDB’s). Organisations need to better understand & question what is it that they need to migrate & why.

Our Architecture, Development & QA teams will undertake a forensic review of your infrastructure to identify the correct migration treatment.  

Common client challenges:

It is often extremely difficult to know where to begin, the challenges & benefit of cloud migration are immense.

In our experience, companies tend to struggle with:

  • Resource capability
  • Degraded business process & logical data models
  • Migration readiness plan production
  • Clarity around hosting costs
  • Costing incentives

Our solution benefits:

  • Business modelling
  • Migration readiness plan production
  • Hosting cost visibility
  • Hosting funding incentives


  • Keep the service, application & infrastructure “as is”


  • SQA will undertake an assessment to determine servers that could be decommissioned rather than migrated, during each migration wave SQA would recheck for additional hosts that may be decommissioned rather than migrated


  • SQA’s main solution to facilitate an expeditated migration is to rehost both data centres as part of a migration phase to Amazon Web Service (AWS)


  • SQA’s solution to use VMware means we can avoid any re-platforming requirements due to unsupported software in AWS during the migration


  • SQA’s solution does not preclude our clients from undertaking refactoring tasks post-migration should a business decision be made to follow this path


  • SQA’s solutions make rearchitecting technology stacks seamless, we draw on our collective experience &underpin it with industry best practice & enable our clients to realise their goal’s specifically those relating to platform consolidation or unification


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Our experts can ensure you’re fully prepared from a cloud migration, a business continuity & a disaster recovery perspective.




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