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There is more to understanding legacy technical debt than simply viewing a backlog

We claim to build applications in a modular manor, that it not always the case, invariably we end up with cloned applications with multiple  flavours requiring differing levels of Maintance and testing.  All of which is time consuming and unnecessary.  We allow high level designs, low level designs, business process and logical data models to degrade which then lead to uniformed decision making when constructing or augmenting applications. This leads to invisible legacy technical debt that forces us down a continued path. We don’t go to another room to watch a different channel on the TV, at the touch of a button we simply change the channel.  Our applications should be constructed in the same way. 

Our business process modelling solutions address this, not only allowing you to construct and augment seamlessly, they enable informed service management, better business continuity planning while providing s true insight into your technical debt.

Technical debt is further compounded due to a lack of uniformity and multiple geographically located teams, applications are not only often riddled with poor coding standards but security vulnerabilities.  

  • Our solutions enable you to expediently gain an insight into these will help you better understand the true risk your organisation is carrying as well as understanding the remediation actions, priorities and associated timelines.
  • An expedient foresenic review provides visability of fractures you are carrying in relation to people, process & technology. This is augmented by a comprehensive code and vulnerability review
  • We can provode a priritised roadmap to remediate any changes and enable you to expediently reach your desired Target Operating Model
  • We can also provide the capability to undertake any remediation work without impacting your BAU activities.
  • Our solutions are time boxed and delivered on a capped cost basis ensuring that our clients don’t exceed buget as we share the outcome based financial risk


Our proven solutions remove legacy technical debt providing compete visibility, improve efficiency, expedite delivery, reduce Cost & ensure production stability




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