Uncovering Hidden
Legacy Technical Debt

Understanding legacy technical debt requires a deeper dive than simply reviewing a backlog. At SQA Consulting, we believe in examining the entire software development life cycle (SDLC) to identify & address the root causes of technical debt accumulation.

Redefining Legacy Technical Debt Assessment:

While many organisations focus solely on backlog tasks, the reality is that legacy technical debt stems from various aspects of processes, people, & approaches across the SDLC. Our approach delves into these critical areas to provide a comprehensive assessment.

Addressing Common Challenges:

Clients often encounter challenges related to legacy technical debt, such as:

Cluttered Applications:

Cloned applications with multiple variants lead to maintenance & testing complexities.

Deteriorating Designs:

Degraded high-level & low-level designs hinder decision-making & application construction.

Uniformity Issues:

Lack of consistency across design, development, & testing processes, especially with geographically dispersed teams.

Coding Standards & Security:

Poor coding standards & invisible security vulnerabilities compromise application integrity.

Our Solution Benefits

Our solutions offer tangible benefits to address these challenges:

Comprehensive Review:

A forensic review uncovers fractures in people, processes, & technology, supplemented by code & security vulnerability assessments.

Prioritised Roadmap:

We provide a prioritised roadmap for remediating changes, enabling organisations to reach their target operating model efficiently.

Seamless Remediation:

Our solutions allow for remediation work without disrupting business as usual (BAU) activities.

Outcome-Based Approach:

Time-boxed & capped cost solutions ensure clients stay within budget while sharing the financial risk based on outcomes.


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Ready to tackle your legacy technical debt head-on? Contact us at transformation.services@sqa-consulting.com to learn more about how our solutions can help you gain insight, prioritise actions, & expedite your journey towards a more resilient technical landscape.

Our battle-tested solutions excel at identifying, prioritising, & eliminating legacy technical debt. By offering real-time visibility, we enhance efficiency, accelerate delivery, reduce costs, & guarantee production stability.




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