Elevating Security Vigilance

At SQA Consulting, we understand that safeguarding your business goes beyond surface-level protection. Our comprehensive security vulnerability assessment ensures that your technology platforms remain fortified against evolving threats, providing peace of mind & uninterrupted operations.

Reimagining Security:

Just as you wouldn’t leave your doors & windows unlocked at home, your technology platforms deserve the same level of protection. Fraudsters are relentless in their pursuit, exploiting vulnerabilities in your people, processes, & technology. Don’t let them gain access to your business through traditional or virtual entry points.

Common Client Challenges:

Organisations face various security challenges, including phishing attacks, brute force attempts, denial of service intrusions, & cyber assaults. Despite dedicated efforts, gaps in defences can lead to disruptive breaches, tarnishing reputations and incurring significant costs.

Our Solution Benefits:

Our tailored solutions encompass a range of measures to fortify your defences:

Penetration Testing:

Uncover vulnerabilities with rigorous testing.

Vulnerability Assessments:

Identify & address potential weak points.

Code Testing Solutions:

Conduct deep dive analyses to pinpoint vulnerabilities.

Threat Modelling:

Anticipate and mitigate potential threats through strategic modelling.

Continuous Monitoring:

Keep a vigilant eye on security with ongoing vulnerability scanning.

DevSecOps Enablement:

Seamlessly integrate security into your development processes for enhanced protection.


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We specialise in identifying & mitigating security vulnerabilities, allowing you to fortify your applications like locking & securing virtual windows & doors. Our solutions provide continuous monitoring to ensure ongoing protection.




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