Our trainers are 'practitioners' not 'theorists', they apply real world experience when shaping your training requirements

All of our training paths are optimally designed to enable you to build highly stable, cost-effective secure applications & products.

Our Agile learning paths comprise of bespoke mentoring & support, as well as formal training resulting in 100% attendee certifications.

The hardened benefits of certification include:

  • Productivity & quality increases across your enterprise environments.
  • Knowledge of most up-to-date Agile practices.
  • Highly transferrable skills across industries in any vertical.

Many organisations have struggled with their transformation programmes. When you are choosing your training & coaching partners, it’s key to work with experts in the field with real-world experience of delivering Agile transformation programmes.

Our approach is to work with you in the way you want to transform. We do not impose our methodology on you, instead, we will offer you a range of choices to suit you & your organisation.

At SQA Consulting, we live & breathe transformation. We love it! We are passionate about helping our customers deliver projects better. Whether you are an individual, part of a team, or an organisation, we work alongside you to support you wherever you are on your Agile journey.

Our team of expert trainers, coaches & consultants will guide & encourage you along your path to transformation.


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We offer bespoke tailored training as well as traditional Agile training programmes.




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