SQA Sanctions Assessment Centre – is a software tool deployed as a service by SQA Consulting Limited to assess screening systems. First released in 2006 it is used by many financial institutions – from the biggest of global banking brands to small domestic firms – to benchmark capability and find vulnerabilities. Used as part of a financial crime risk management framework it allows firms to progressively improve their systems’ effectiveness and efficiency. The fact that we are continually developing our software is a sure sign that the process of screening is still evolving.


Version 6.8 further explores the assessment of the growing trend of using secondary identifiers (date of birth, nationality, location, ID documents) to automate the elimination of alerts without human intervention. This challenge is one we, and many others promote and encourage.


A series of articles will appear on our website to further support the appropriate use of auto-elimination, and highlight how an automated approach can not only allow key resources to focus on higher risk activity, but produce more consistent and higher value results.

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