Why Do Businesses Engage SQA Consulting?

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  • Why Do Businesses Engage SQA Consulting?

Every organisation believes they understand why companies engage their services, SQA Consulting Limited reached out to our clients and asked them why, here is what they feed back:


SQA Consulting are perceived as PROFESSIONAL because they:

  • Identify & satisfy their client’s needs
  • Deliver on their promises & strive to exceed expectations
  • Maintain their delivery staffs expertise
  • Proactively seek legal compliance & appropriate accreditation
  • Practice what they preach
  • Are transparent
  • Communicate clearly, thoroughly & accurately
  • Are principled


SQA Consulting are ACCOUNTABLE because they:

  • Take personal accountability for their actions
  • Focus on finding solutions & achieving results
  • Actively engage in discussions & commit to decisions once they are made
  • Involve other in decisions & plans that affect them
  • Keep promises & commitments made to others
  • Personally commit to the success & well-being of teammates
  • Offer shared risk & reward engagement models
  • Regularly manage & take responsibility for multiple geographically located 3rd parties


SQA are COLLABORATIVE because they:

  • Build internal & external teams to the benefit of their clients
  • Are flexible in their approach to client engagement
  • Are innovative
  • Find improvement to the way things are done
  • Proactively seek differentiation in the market
  • Leverage digital technologies to minimise their environmental footprint
  • Build long-term relationships with their clients & where appropriate, they build a local presence
  • Are engaged as trusted custodians on a repeat basis by clients

Feedback like that is fantastic and is evidenced by the fact that we have engineering teams working with clients for more than 18 months, our AML / Financial Crime Prevention teams are still working with clients that we engaged with in 2008.

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